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Stop Smoking or Lose Your Inheritance

Stop smoking, his father said – or lose your inheritance. Dawid van Vuuren’s sons thought he was joking, and just carried on.


Before he passed away, he told them about the will he drafted – hoping to get his son to quit – and of course nobody took him seriously. In fact, they didn’t believe he even drafted the will.


Until their father died, and the will was presented:


Due to their smoking habits, and their failure to heed his warnings, he chose to bequeath all of his belongings to his two (obviously non-smoking) daughters.


Of course, the two men thought this was ridiculous, and approached the PTA High Court. After all, who ever heard of someone being disinherited because he or she refused to stop smoking?


Unfortunately for them…


Judge Cynthia Pretorius ruled that their father was completely within his legal rights to leave his possessions to whomever he chose, for whatever reason(s) he may have had.


(Daniel Van Vuuren admitted in court that his father raised the threat of disinheritance on many occasions, but he never took it seriously)


She accepted the hand written document as the final will and testament of Dawid van Vuuren, and ordered the Master of the Court to acknowledge it as the true will, and for it to be executed as such.




What would it take for YOU to stop smoking?


(ok, you or the smoker you live with)