Smoking and Acupuncture…

My husband, Stan, decided to give up smoking but needed help to overcome the habit. He consulted an acupuncture specialist, who inserted small needles at specific points in both his ears. “When you feel like smoking,” he told Stan, “put … Continue reading

Smoking Quickies…..

Nicotine addiction is like an itch. If you itch, it’s nice to scratch it. But better to have no itch at all. ~~ Dali Lama (adapted) “Smoking Kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life” … Continue reading

The Lab Rabbit….

A rabbit escaped from the research laboratory where he had been born and bred. On his first taste of freedom, he met a group of wild rabbits frolicking in a field. “Hi,” he said, introducing himself, “I’ve escaped from the … Continue reading