I tried Stop Smoke 3 years ago. I haven’t had a craving to smoke in three years. I want to thank our Lord and saviour and Karien for bringing Stop Smoke into my life and helping me quit smoking. My life has improved since Stop Smoke came into my life.

Only 5% willpower needed

Do You Enjoy Smoking?


According to a recent survey, most smokers in South Africa refuse to quit smoking simply because they enjoy it. Now where does that leave you as a cigarette smoker? Think about it…stop smoking,quit smoking


According to the annual survey done by Health24.com, more than 60% said they simply do it because they enjoy it, and another 46% claimed it was “part of social ritual”.


Interestingly enough, though, very few people put it down to peer pressure, trying to appear cool, or having a partner that smokes.


Strangely enough, though, most of the people were aware of most of the common dangers associated with refusing to quit smoking. How come it is not enough to put them off?


Let’s see…


What the eyes do not see, the heart does not care for – or so the saying goes.


In other words, if you cannot see the damage being done, who cares?


Well, here is a way to demonstrate the accumulative effect:


Considering the fact that every cigarette you smoke apparently (according to research and proven statistics) takes about 10 minutes off your potential life span…


That means that every packet of 20 cigarettes takes about 200 minutes, or more than 3 hours off your life.


Keep in mind that what you lose it not the last bit with the coughing and wheezing, but the good part of life before the medical problems start. What you lose is BEFORE the part usually associated with aging and bodily deterioration. In other words, the problems brought on by old age will start troubling you sooner (and of course due tot all the damage you have done to yourself, they are likely to be more severe).




That means that for every 5 cartons, or every 50 packs of 20 cigarettes each smoked, you lose about one week of the good, healthy parts of your life.




Put up a board – it can even be in the garage. For every carton you have smoked, put up one “stub” (the short end of the carton) or an empty packet on the board.


Group them in groups of five – since every five carton represents a week of your life lost that you may have had (If you smoke packets of 30 cigarettes, every group of 5 will represent ten days lost).


Do some rough math to calculate the amount you smoked during the past years, and – literally – “bring that to the board”.


How much of your life have you lost so far?


If you are not scared by what you see, keep doing it. Just keep placing a new stub or packet on the board every time you finish a carton of cigarettes or ten packets in a row.


Some or other time you will realise you don’t like what you see.