I tried Stop Smoke 3 years ago. I haven’t had a craving to smoke in three years. I want to thank our Lord and saviour and Karien for bringing Stop Smoke into my life and helping me quit smoking. My life has improved since Stop Smoke came into my life.

Only 5% willpower needed

Do you Love your Kids? Then why Force them to Smoke?

As a smoking parent, you are probably dead set against your kids smoking. You know it’s a bad thing. But if you continue to smoke around them, you are actually forcing them to smoke with you…


The effects of second hand smoke has been well researched and documented. Just do a Google on it – and be prepared to be shocked. Many people have died from causes relating to it – after living with smoking partners.


As such, smoking close to someone else literally forces that person to inhale what you fill the air with. If it is in a closely confined space like a motorcar, the effects are even worse….


So the question remains:


How much do you really love your kids, or even your partner?


Do you love them so much that you will force them to expose themselves to whatever you are using, even if you know the risks involved?


Do you love them so much that you don’t even care how much truth is in all the research that has been done over the past few decades?


If you really love your kids or partner, you will not force them to suffer for your habits. Keep in mind that the damage you do to them now will only be visible at a much later stage – but the fact that you do not see it does not mean that it is not happening.




Prove to your loved ones how much you really love them…


Quit Smoking.