Stop smoking in only 7 days

I saw the advert on Facebook for Stop Smoke and it changed my life. It is an amazingly good product. I am eternally grateful to Stop Smoke, it changed my life for the better.

Questions and Answers

Questions and answers you might have about Fibre Shake Capsules. Please contact us if your question is not answered here


Question: What do Fibre Shake Capsules contain?

Answer: It is a mixture of seven herbs and spices which, when mixed correctly, possess extraordinary qualities.


Question: Who may use Fibre Shake Capsules?

Answer: Everyone – including people who are using medication for cholesterol, diabetes, epilepsy and depression, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women.


Question: How long does it take to work?

Answer: You quit smoking immediately – and the products diminishes the withdrawal symptoms. The course is for fourteen days – but most people lose all desire to smoke within three days. We do, however, recommend that you complete the course to prevent the recurrence of cravings at a later stage.


Question: How does one use the product?

Answer: The Fibre Shake Capsules must be taken twice per day – once after breakfast, and again before 3pm. The product tends to provide users with additional energy, and some clients have reported difficulty in sleeping if they consume it too late.


Question: People who quit smoking often complain about picking up weight – does this happen when using Fibre Shake Capsules, too?

Answer: Not at all – the desire to indulge in eating comes from having to cope with cravings. Since these cravings are reduced, there is no reason to pick up weight.


Question: Are there any side effects from using Fibre Shake capsules?

Answer: If you attempt smoking after using the product for a couple of days, you are likely to become nauseous – since the product actually withdraws nicotine from your system, and smoking again will have a pronounced effect.


Question: What else is included in the course?

Answer: Also included is an iron tablet – which helps with the mood swings associated with quitting smoking.


Question: What is the overall cost of the Fibre Shake Capsules package?

Answer: All inclusive – R380.00, including delivery via courier to your physical address.

NOTE: Only valid for delivery inside South Africa – please contact us for shipping costs outside ZA borders.


Question: What makes Fibre Shake unique, or different from other products on the market?

Answer: Despite the fact that there are many products out there, Fibre Shake Capsules are unique because:

  1. Nicotine is withdrawn from your system, causing you to lose the desire to smoke.
  2. Your body is detoxified – removing all the lesser known poisonous substances contained in cigarettes.
  3. The totally natural formula makes it safe for use by anyone.
  4. No additional nicotine is added to your system – reducing the period needed to “clean up”.
  5. A proven track record since 1999 – with a very high success rate.


FOR ONLY R 380,00

(including delivery via courier service or Speed Services in South Africa. International clients please contact us for shipping costs)