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Social Media Adverts


As part of our free e-book which you can download by clicking here, we have started sending out weekly social media adverts via Facebook and Whatsapp.


Here are some of the adverts that we have posted recently. You are more tan welcome to save these images to your phone and help us spread the word. This will be a great asset to support our business and reinforce our clients' Testimonies.


How to save an image to your computer:

  1. First point on the image you would like to save
  2. Then select the image by clicking once on it
  3. Click on the right button of your mouse while image is selected
  4. Choose Save Image from the dialogue window
  5. Choose the folder you want to save it to and finally
  6. Click on the SAVE button


How to get the image from your computer onto your smart-phone:

There is a number of ways you can achieve this, being:

  1. Connect your smart-phone to your computer and copy the image over over
  2. If your computer is Bluetooth activated you can send the image to your Bluetooth activated smart-phone
  3. You can email yourself to an account that is activated on your smart-phone and simply save it to the desired destination
  4. There are also a number of programs available on Google Play and iStore that can be used to sync your phone and computer
  5. If none of the options are helpful please refer to Google for more answers