Hi, I feel happy its stop smoking. Wow, the end to smoking. Thanks, to your great product.

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All Stop Smoke statistics are based on our clients feedback. Here are some of our clients feedback to help encourage you in taking your first steps to a smoke free lifestyle.

Hi, just wanted to say that its going great, we had a party yesterday and I didn’t have any cravings. I didn’t want to have a smoke, during the party I managed to convince my brother to try Stop Smoke. He said he will order Stop Smoke's product on Monday.

Alta Human


I saw the advert on Facebook for Stop Smoke and it changed my life. It is an amazingly good product. I am eternally grateful to Stop Smoke, it changed my life for the better.



I used your product Karien Venter from Potchefstroom and I never looked back. It was the best product I ever bought 14 years ago. I am eternally grateful to you, you have changed my life.

Belinda Fourie


I used Stop Smoke and I have been smoke free for the last year.

Danel Rogers


I just want to testify that the pills work. Today, I have been smoke free for 3 months. Please try Stop Smoke, it will change your life.

Deon Pretorius


Hi, I feel happy its stop smoking. Wow, the end to smoking. Thanks, to your great product, Karien.

Fana Phakathi


I tried Stop Smoke 3 years ago. I haven’t had a craving to smoke in three years. I want to thank our Lord and saviour and Karien for bringing Stop Smoke into my life and helping me quit smoking. My life has improved since Stop Smoke came into my life.

Fanie Oosthuizen


Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the pills, they helped me quit smoking. Stop smoking pills are really amazing and work great. In the last year I tried everything and nothing really worked. I received Stop smoking pills from you, Karien and I immediately tried them. I haven’t had a craving or desire to smoke since. I have been clean for 3 weeks and I haven’t had cravings or the desire to smoke. Before I tried Stop smoking pills, I had been smoking for 60 years and 60 cigarettes a day. Stop smoking has helped me quit smoking completely without cravings or the desire to smoke. Stop smoking pills is really worth trying and is worth the money you spend on it. I have also lost weight after I started using Stop Smoke pills, I went from weighing a 150kgs to weighing 134,5kgs. I want to assure you that I feel 100% better as if I have never smoked in my life. Again, thank you very much and I will recommend stop smoking pills to anyone who is serious about quitting cigarettes.  Karien, your product truly works.

Hans Venter


I used Stop Smoke and within the first week, I stopped smoking, the product works. I really wanted to stop smoking and told myself that I will stop smoking so I tried Stop Smoke. I think I have stopped smoking for more than 2 years. Thanks Karien Venter.

Jeanette Smit


Hi, I just wanted to give feedback, my husband tried Stop Smoke and he hasn’t tried smoking. Today, he has been 5 months clean.  Thank you, Stop Smoke, your product has changed our lives.

Mr. Horn


It is difficult to quit smoking. The Stop Smoke pills helped me to quit smoking and thank you to everyone who had me in their prayers. You have to have determination and at least 5 % will power to quit smoking. Thank you, God for giving me the determination and will power to quit smoking. I also want to thank Stop Smoke for helping me quit smoking.



Annemarie Bekker told me about Stop Smoke. The pills cost R380 and it is the best investment I ever made. This investment was not just for my health but it also helped me financially. I am proud to say that it has changed my life and the my families life for the better. I just want to thank Annemarie. I am eternally grateful to you.



I want to give testimony that myself and my husband have been using Stop Smoke for the last week

and haven’t had any cravings and we have managed to instil the no smoking in the house rule.

I can feel that the Stop Smoke pills are working, thank you. I will definitely advertise Stop Smoke.

Sonette Truter


I finally managed to quit smoking. I did a program with you, Karien Venter last December

and now I tried your product. I have managed to quit smoking, thanks to Stop Smoke.

Wynand Meyer


FOR ONLY R 380,00

(including delivery via courier service or Speed Services in South Africa. International clients please contact us for shipping costs)