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The Paradox of the Smoking Hero

For many years, Hollywood has presented “the smoker” as the tough guy – the macho hero. Smoking has been associated with masculinity (and the “bullet proof girl” image) – but what does it really say?


Twenty or thirty years ago, the “smoking hero” was often the strong silent type, who tended to be a man of action rather than a man of words. It projected the image of a man who could stand up for what he believed in, and protect anyone from any “bad guys”.


Fast forward a few decades…


Considering today’s state of enlightenment and access to information and knowledge, the picture has changed drastically…


Today, the “macho hero” with the cigarette in his mouth does not seem invincible any more. In fact, he is showing off his weakness – showing that while he might walk around with a gun in hand, he is not capable of letting go of his addiction.


He also shows that, when he does “get the girl” at the end of the movie, he will probably not be a good example to the children they have, and probably not care too much about their health either.




If you think smoking makes you look tough…


Sorry. Not any more.


In this day and age, it is a sign of a lack of self control, and a lack of inner strength.




Are YOU strong enough to walk away?


Or do you just LOOK tough?


Your life


Your choice